Don’t let traveling for work or for fun spoil your health and fitness routine.  Try these 3 easy tips to stay on top of your fitness game while you globe trot.


  1. Pack healthy snacks

Travel food is not known for its health properties. Often times, you are left with few choices of what to eat and even fewer healthy options (if any). Rather than indulging in junk food (that will likely leave only temporarily satisfied) or missing a meal (which will confuse your metabolism), try bringing some snacks with you. We recommend almonds, dried fruits (without sugar added), oatmeal (all you need is hot water) and perhaps a Questbar ( for added protein.


  1. Bring a water bottle

You’ve all heard that many people confuse thirst for hunger. This is especially the case while traveling where you may be on a different schedule or be having too much fun to stop and drink some water. Airplane travel is one of the biggest culprits of dehydration. The recycled air and high altitudes combine to deplete the water in your body. Carry a water bottle like the Go Contigo ( water bottle with you and refill as you go.

  1. Take your workout with you

No Gym? No problem. Bforce Bands ( fit into any carry on and they offer plenty of resistance exercises to train and stretch every muscle in your body.

Sometimes body weight is all you need! Try this body weight circuit to tone every part of your body that can be done anywhere:

15 Jumping Jacks

60 second Plank

20 Squats

10 Push Ups

20 Crunches

20 Leg Lifts

10 Chair Dips

20 Lunges (Front/Back & Side/Side)

(Repeat 3x)