Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I have to post to Social Media for my challenge to count towards charity?
A. No! As long as you record a challenge in the app, money will be donated to charity.
Q. What if I can’t complete a challenge or I do it incorrectly? Will money still be donated?
A. Repz just wants to encourage you to get moving! So as long as you record your challenge in the app
and you’re moving, money will be donated.
Q. Do I have to pay or donate anything?
A. No. All of charitable funding comes from Repz sponsors and advertisers.
Q. From where is the donated money generated?
A. All of the charitable funding comes from Repz sponsors and advertisers.
Q. How can I see how much has been donated?
A. You may email a request for the financial reporting to .
Q. Can I donate money directly to Repz?
A. You are welcome to donate money directly to any of our charities, however, the best way to help Repz
is to spread the word to your friends, family and contacts.
Q. I’d like to become a Sponsor/Advertiser. Whom should I contact?
A. Please email
Q. How can my charity or organization get involved with Repz?
A. Please email
Q. I’m a trainer with a challenge idea. How can I be featured?
A. Please email
Q. I didn’t receive my password reset email. What do I do?
A. First, check your spam. If nothing is there, please email